I. General
S&R Limousine Service is an offer of S&R Limousine Service, Schmidt & Rohner, Häldelistrasse 10, Neerach (hereafter "S&R"). The general terms and conditions published on the official S&R website ( at the time of agreement are part of each contract between the customer and S&R with regards to the transport of passengers.
II. Conclusion of the contract
By confirming an offer received from S&R, the customer agrees to a binding booking order. S&R will in turn accept or reject this booking order as soon as possible. The general terms and conditions are applicable only after the confirmation of the order by S&R (usually by e-mail). S&R needs to be notified immediately of any mistakes made by S&R in the confirmation of the booking order; otherwise the customer shall forego his right to retract from the booking order.
III. Terms of agreement
A quote is valid for 90 days from the date of issue. Changes of reservation made on short-notice need to be individually agreed upon with the driver. Additional routes and wait time are charged by S&R according to the rates valid at the time of the conclusion of the contract. A shortening of the route or of the wait time has no influence on the invoice amount agreed. Should the customer not be the actual passenger, the passenger has the right to request changes on short notice. S&R need to be notified in advance if one or more of the following need to be transported: excess luggage, animals, children under the age of 12 years or less than 150 cm tall. Should S&R not be notified, the journey may not take place at all but the full price will be charged. Accidents, traffic congestion or heavy traffic will not incur costs for the customer.
IV. Options
S&R offer options that differ in cancellation conditions, vehicles and services. S&R reserve the right to fully or partly upgrade customers or passengers without prior notice and without incurring additional costs for customers.
IV.I. S&R Business
S&R Business is S&R's standard option offered to all customers requesting a quote, unless customers specifically request one of the other options. Unless otherwise requested, and depending on the number of passengers, the journey will be made with a Mercedes E-Class (1-3 passengers) or a Mercedes Viano (4-6 passengers). Standard general terms and conditions regarding changes of reservation, cancellation and delay apply (see Changes of reservation, cancellation and delay).
IV.II. S&R Business Flex
S&R Business Flex customers profit from special conditions in case of changes, cancellations and delay (see Changes of reservation, cancellation and delay). In all other cases, the S&R Business terms and conditions apply.
IV.III. S&R Premium
Journeys booked with the S&R Premium option are made with a Mercedes S-Class (1-3 passengers), unless otherwise requested. For changes of reservation, cancellations and delays, the S&R Business Flex terms and conditions apply (see V.I.). Additional services such as wireless access on board, iPad with multimedia data, plaids, beverages, snacks, etc. are offered on request (usually without additional charges). S&R booking by the hour / Roadshow booking / Roadshow: this is not a booking option per se. Bookings by the hour can be made within all the previously mentioned options. Roadshow bookings are only offered within the area of pick-up and with a fixed number of kilometers.
V. Changes of reservation, cancellation, delay
Any changes of reservations or cancellations need to be communicated to S&R at least 24 hours prior to the agreed departure time. In that case, there are no charges in case of changes of reservation. S&R may not be able to confirm changes of reservation that are requested less than 24 hours prior to departure and if confirmed, there is a re-scheduling fee. The full amount agreed upon booking will be invoiced for cancellations made within less than 24 hours prior to departure or changes of reservation made less than 24 hours prior to departure that S&R is unable to confirm. Passenger delays of up to 30 minutes are free of charge. After the expiration of this grace period, wait time is invoiced at the respective limousine rate in 30 minutes intervals. This also applies for delays caused by late arrival of flights. After a wait time of two hours, the booking will be cancelled and the full costs including the costs for two hours wait time at the respective limousine rate will be invoiced to the customer. There are special terms and conditions for the S&R Business Flex and S&R Premium options regarding changes of reservation, cancellation and delay.
V.I Special terms and conditions for S&R Business Flex and S&R Premium
Customers booking either the Business Flex or the Premium option profit from special terms and conditions regarding changes of reservation, cancellation and delay. S&R need to be notified of changes of reservation and cancellations at least 2 hours prior to pick-up. In case of changes of reservation at least 2 hours prior to pick-up, only the price of the changed booking is invoiced to the customer. In case of changes of reservations during the journey, general terms and conditions according to III. apply. Changes of reservation communicated less than 2 hours prior to pick-up can only be confirmed if the new booking is of a longer duration or higher price. If the new booking is for a shorter duration or smaller price, the costs of the original booking will be invoiced. If the booking is cancelled less than 2 hours prior to pick-up, the full amount will be invoiced to the customer.
V.II Special terms and conditions during the World Econmomic Forum
Cancellation up to 31. December: 50% refund. Cancellation up to 15. Jannuary: 25% refund. Cancellation from 15. Jannuary: no refund.
VI. Behaviour
Passengers must use the safety belt at all times. According to the law, children must use children's seats. Costs incurred due to mishandling and destruction of the vehicle's interior by the customer will be invoiced to the customer. Smoking is not allowed in any vehicle. Any infringement may lead to the immediate termination of the journey and the customer may be invoiced additional costs incurred.
VII. Liability and warranty
S&R is not liable for any ensuing costs caused by accidents, traffic congestion, heavy traffic or situations that are beyond their control (force majeure). S&R is not liable for theft of goods taking place during the absence of the passengers and the chauffeur. S&R is not liable for possible property damages occurring during the journey. S&R has the right to change the general terms and conditions at any time and without further announcement. The place of jurisdiction is Zurich, Switzerland. Zurich, 2015

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